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About us (Nagaoka Accounting Office)

Hello there, our office is located in Nishinomiya City where is easily accessible from both Kobe and Osaka by train, just 20~30 minutes to get here. And we usually have on-line meeting with clients in far distance.

Address;〒662-0915 1-4-6F, Baba-Cho,Nishinomiya-City, Hyogo, Japan
TEL:0798-31-6745 /E-mail:info@reiko-n.jp

Feature Article (What's New)

From Oct.2023, NEW RULE of sales tax will start!  CLICK HERE

Availability for new client

  September We can accept 1 clients.
We can accept 2 clients.

When you’d like to ask something, please send us e-mail first ; info@reiko-n.jp

Price List

A; Monthly Service

The price depends on what you ask us to do.

a-1. Standard Type … ¥22,000~¥77,000 (inc. sales tax)

a-1. Standard Type
… ¥22,000~¥77,000 (inc. sales tax)

This price is applied in most cases.

a-2. Minimum Type … ¥11,000~¥33,000 Per Month (inc. sales tax)

a-2. Minimum Type
… ¥11,000~¥33,000 Per Month (inc. sales tax)

This price is applied to companies/persons who know well about bookkeeping and can input data by themselves  

a-3. Additional

a-3. Additional

It depends on what you required us.

B; Settlement (once a year payment)

The price depends on business scale.

b-1. Standard Type … ¥110,000~ (inc. sales tax)

b-1. Standard Type
… ¥110,000~ (inc. sales tax)

This price is applied in most cases.

b-2. Only One time a year … ¥132,000~ (inc. sales tax)

b-3. Only One time a year
… ¥132,000~¥330,000 (inc. sales tax)

This plan will be applied to clients without monthly fee.

C; One-time consultation

8,000 yen per one-time (Inc. sales tax)

※ While December ~ March, 10,000 yen per one-time (Inc. sales tax)

If you prefer to have a one-time consultation, please contact me by email in advance to set up an appointment at my office.
When it’s difficult to meet in person, we’re available for using e-mail, Zoom, or any other on-line communication.
8,000yen is needed for 1 topic as long as it’s not a complicated question.

D; Making tax-related document

¥80,000~¥150,000 per document (Inc. sales tax)

Fees depend on your situation, please take a look at below;

Please let us know the type of document and its required contents in advance by email and we’ll make the quotation.

This plan will be better for clients who ask us ;
1. making individual tax forms.
2. makeing tax related documents or application forms.

1. Please make an appointment when you’d like to meet in person with us.
2. We think e-mail will be better as a first contact, to avoid misunderstanding.
3. When you prefer to phone call, please call between 9 am to 5 pm (Japan Standard Time).



Just leave it to us!
You don’t need to worry about any complicated paperwork.

Journal check

You’d like to handle/input sales / expenses data into  accounting software by yourself?
In that case, we check the result and give necessary advice.


We usually submit tax-related documents via on-line.
It’s called “E-TAX” and we can help you getting ID.


We talk with my clients by Zoom, Skype, e-mail or other SNS.
Of course when meeting in person is the best way, please feel free to ask us.