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Hello there, today let me show you something about Japanese Corporation Tax.


Many times I’ve been asked like this;
” How much is the tax rate ? ”


Actually, I can’t correctly answer and always say “around 25% or 30%”.
You’re wondering why I say “around”, take a look at this example;
↓ ↓ ↓


It seems quite strange, doesn’t it ?
But these are all true, let me show you detail about “Case 2” that you’ll think very strange;



For example, when you have COMPANY whose head office is in Osaka City,
you need to pay 20,000yen to Osaka Prefecture and pay 50,000yen to Osaka City.


It’s called “Kintouwari Zei (均等割税)” taxed on per capital basis.
So, even when profit is minus, this Kintouwari tax is needed.


And let me show you details about the others;


I don’t know other countries tax rate/system, but I do hope tax system could be more simple.


If you’d like to know more detail about Japanese Corporation Tax, this Tax Office’s website will be some help.

Corporation Income Tax (


Or, ask your accountant will be the shortcut.


Have a nice weekend,

Reiko Nagaoka

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