Please request by 30th.Sep. (About Personal Tax for 2020) |

Please request by 30th.Sep. (About Personal Tax for 2020)  | topページへ戻る

Hello, I’m Reiko, an accountant.


If you’d like to request our office to make your Personal Tax Return of 2020, please let us know by the end of September.


I’m sure I’ll be very busy at tax return season which is from Jan. 1st to Mar. 15th. in 2021.

(Overwork make mistakes !)


If you let me know in advance your request, I’ll be able to make plan/schedule easier.


And, of course in that case we can accept as well.


I know many English-speaking people need information about Tax Return.

I’d like to help actually but I’m afraid I can’t accept every request.


If you really need to help while you don’t know what to do, take a look at these please.
↓ ↓ ↓
1) Member’s Only page at my website.





I hope that would be some help.




Reiko Nagaoka

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