How to pay Withholding Income Tax using Online Banking

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Today, I’d like to talk about “Withholding Income Tax “,
which is called “Gensen-Shotokuzei” (源泉所得税,or 源泉税)
in Japanese.


When you hire someone and pay salary,
you need to withdraw income tax in many cases.


After withdrawing their income tax, employer need to pay it.


Each employer must culculate the amount of
withholding employee’s income tax, and
must make payment letter by himself/herself.


Yes, accountant, like me, culculate and make the payment for clients.
Have you seen such a letter ?  (It’s a sample.)
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You have to take it to the bank, post office,
or Taxoffice and pay the “withholding income tax”.
But,There’s one problem…


What would you do if you didn’t have enough time to visit bank?


Don’t worry about it, you can pay by online banking !


It maybe seem to be difficult for you,
but I recommend it because it’s very useful way


It contains  4 steps.

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Step1; Enter E-tax system

Step2; Input informations you have (amount of withholding tax.)

Step3; Submit them on-line.

Step4; Access Online banking WebSite which you usually use.



I have an instruction for “Step 4” (as follows).
I hope it’ll be helpful for you…

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How to pay Withholding Income Tax using Online Banking 2018



And don’t forget the deadline, for small companies
which hire less than 10 persons, it’s 10th. July and 20th. January.
( for others, next month 10days is deadline.)



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